Our Approach

SoundProMusic offers music for Film TV Advertising, Video games and corporate website and videos.
Our categorized libraries include all genres and prices for every need.

Our composers will produce upon demand if requested, and  music  can be delivered within 48 hours.

Our searches and tags deliver the best for genres requested, download track immediately. Choose from bundle promotion or one track license


Our Story

RecordsoundPro was established in 2012, with a catalog of background Music for hotels restaurants and other public places, as well as local small budget films. In the companie’s first year operation Recordsoundpro licensed 73 background music tracks to hotels and restaurants world wide, with more then 90000 uses in the first year. In the second year five tracks were licensed to a small budget film : Montreal film production 3 angel power. The five tracks were created by Montreal artist Taz.
ReacordsoundPro has since expanded the music catalog to include more then 200 international composers including established film scorers.
Recently SoundProMusic got a music licence for a feature European Film, and one in mobile advertising.
As for This year We have more the 250 composers in the SoundProMusic  roster. Some of our libraries have more then 200 tracks per library.

Categorized into mini libraries with 50 tracks in each

Drama, whimsical-comedy, tension, ambient, smooth jazz, soundtracks, songs advertising background, film scores,
Cable: News, Discovery, Nature, Space, Documentary.
and much more.

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